X-ray Small Baggage Scanner

X-ray Small Baggage Scanner
X-ray Small Baggage ScannerX-ray Small Baggage ScannerX-ray Small Baggage ScannerX-ray Small Baggage Scanner
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X-ray inspection machine
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1 piece
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Gram Gold
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T/T, L/C, Credit Card, Westem Union, Cash
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Model: GG6550
l         Sound and light alarms


Model: GG6550
l         Sound and light alarms
l         Network Interface: Can connect local area networks, multiple terminals can check luggages at the same time
l         Safer-ray: Ray fired automatic control, to avoid misusing launching.
l         Simple mouse control: can directly control the equipment without the keyboard and the working table.
l         One shutdown control buttton: You just need to rotate the key and the equipment will automatic power off safely, no need for complex multi-step operation, more convenient and simpler.
l         Eagle Eye: Current region can be reviewed convenient in enlarged status.
l         Fault self-diagnosis: Automatically determine the failure and give prompt information, easy to maintain.
Basic parameters:
1. Channel size: 650 (width) × 500 (high) mm
2. Speed conveyor belt: 0.20 m / s
3. The largest load belt: 170 kg
4. Resolution: 0.1mm diameter solid copper tin
5. Penetration: 34mm steel
6. Safety film: for the safety of ISO1600 film
7. Leak dose: <2uGy/h (at a distance of 5cm from external housing) in line with the requirements for installing radiation health and safety requirements issued by all international standards