Hand Held Metal Detector

Hand Held Metal Detector
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Hand held metal detector
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1 piece
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Gram Gold
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T/T, L/C, Credit Card, Westem Union, Cash
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Suitable for checking baggage in the station or airports. Prisons, entertainment places, hotels, schools and factories.


Model: GC1001
An overview of GC-1001 is a high sensitivity for small hand-held metal detectors, security screening is a special tool.
l         Changing baby cry sound and LED light alarm reset function
l         Earphone
l         no power consumption when ready
l         high sensitivity
1. Operation frequency: 20 KHz
2. Weight: 409g (include the battery)
3. Dimension: 410(L)*85(W)*30(H) mm
4. Regulate the way: manual
5. Indicator: BZ
6. Battery: one 9V battery (can supply normal work for 40hrs)
7. Control: circulation switch (on, off)
8. The sound to be allowed far and near to have the change according to the metal size
9. Color: black
Additional Clause
1. Validity: 30 days since quotation
2. Delivery time: 15 days before shipment but the exact days are subject to the quantity
3. Payment terms: TT/LC
4. Packing: one piece per box, 20 boxes in one carton
5. MOQ: 200 PCS
Price : USD25   (M.O.Q.:25pcs)