Archway metal detector

Archway metal detector
Archway metal detectorArchway metal detectorArchway metal detector
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Walk through metal detector
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1 set
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Gram Gold
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Packging & Delivery

  • Min Order1 set


1、Country of Origin
2、Experienced Staff
3、Green Product
4、 Guarantee
5、International Approvals


Walk through Metal Detector : GG-10000

Walk Through Metal Detector with 4 Zones, Long Standby, High Adjustable Sensibility


LCD Display Menu Operation in English

Gatepost LED Alarming

Metal Cabinet

Remove Controller

4 zones

Computer Connection

Primary Competitive Advantages:

·        Country of Origin

·        Experienced Staff

·        Green Product

·        Guarantee/Warranty

·        International Approvals


Main Export Markets:

·        Eastern Europe

·        North America

·        Mid East/Africa

·        Central/South America

·        Asia

·        Western Europe

·        Australasia

Specified use

This product is used to detect metal objects carried by people through the detector.

This equipment is mainly used for the detection of weapons. Typical applications

· Airports, ports: travelers checks

· Court: Visitors checking

· Prisons: Visitors checking

· Conferences, Public buildings, Sports competitions: Go to Control

· Power: Staff, visitors checking

· Factory: Burglar

· Hotels, restaurants, entertainment, discos: Visitors checking

If the device is used for purposes other than those described above, the manufacturer
assumes no responsibility.


Size and weight

Product parameters

Vertical dimension                            2230x850x570mm

Vertical channel size                         2020x700x500mm

Main chassis packing size                755x340x210mm

Detection door packing size             2290x630x180mm

Net weight                                        59.1kg

Gross weight                                    66.1kg

Pay attention:

·Pay attention to all safety regulations. Dangerous or unsafe manners likely to endanger our


·Equipment installation allows only qualified person.

·Before the installation, operation or maintenance of equipment, be sure there is no bodily or

material loss.

·Unless fully trained, you may not operate the equipment. The operator must clear the use of equipment, maintenance and safety instructions and local safety regulations.

·Allowed only by authorized service person for the maintenance of the equipment. When performing equipment maintenance and repair, ensure that no unauthorized person entering the work site.

·While sick, or under the control of alcohol or drugs, operating the equipment is forbidden.

·Before complete the installation of all necessary with other connections ,the equipment can not be connected to the mains.

·Always connect the device with the grounded electrical outlet. Before maintaining, cleaning, or moving device, you should cut off the main power supply.

·Use only original the owner accessories.

·Use wet cloth to clean the equipment. Please do not use any chemicals or liquid detergent.

·End user is responsible for the practical application of the final calibration of the equipment. Similarly, the end user is also responsible for the use of one or more appropriate test to detect objects on a regular basis to determine the calibration values at the desired level of sensitivity.

·At any time, if it is for the incorrect operation or external damage, the level of equipment security be damaged, please stop using the equipment, and test the equipment by authorized technical service engineer.

Principle of operation

Operating principle is electromagnetic pulsed magnetic technologies:

·Transmitter pulse can make the eddy current of metal objects in security sensitive
area decay.

·Electronic components will sample or process the eddy current the receptor receives.

·When the signal exceeds the alarm thresh old, moving metal objects will be sensed.

1、This equipment is a multi-channel metal detector, which has six overlapping detection

zones or more; in detection region , each detection zone will produce a pulse dmagnetic

2、 different shapes of metal objects from different directions through the detector, the

differences in sensitivity will be reduced due to the overlapping structures.Each zone

will have significant differences, in order to detect metal objects at different heights.

3、Each individual region has an obvious distinction, in order to distinguish different
heights between metal objects.

4、In the digital signal processing and internal control, used the advanced microprocessor
technology. This enables reliable metal detection capabilities, comprehensive features,
as well as user-friendly operation.