Walk through metal detector

Walk through metal detector
Walk through metal detectorWalk through metal detectorWalk through metal detectorWalk through metal detectorWalk through metal detector
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Walk through metal detector
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leading technology, the only global intelligence a 45 zone type security door.


 The productcharacteristics:

* leadingtechnology, theonly global intelligence a45 zone type security door.

* thepost can accurately show the location of the interferencesignal.

* sensitivity adjustment range, with255 sensitivity adjustment gear, make debugging moredetailed, accurate sensitivity.

* intelligentand one key to set the scene mode, convenientadjustment, suitable for different occasions.

* Highmiddle low three volume and alarmsound length can be adjusted.

* ultrahighly integrated motherboards, each door body onlyone slot plug board. Convenientinstallation.

*5.7 inch tabletcomputer liquid crystal display screen, humaninterface

* English menuoperation.

* high waterproof performanceof IP grade: 55-65

* integratedmodular design, easy to repair, morethan 60 times / minute safetygrade.

* withthe computer networking, can view the informationthrough the computer debuggingand monitoring, gate, with machines and other equipment to realizethe sharing of resources.

* smartstart UPS power supply incase of power failure, can ensurethe normal power supply to work more than six hours.

* the importedmaterial, the American GARRETT (Garrett) PD6500i thesame material first-class technology productsfrom Ke Jin international security organization.

* the infraredremote control remote debugging.

* import alarmbidirectional also countedseparately,

* environmentalprotection and energy saving, power isonly half of the ordinary doorsecurity is only 15W.

* compliedwith current international safety standards, wearpacemakers, pregnantwomen, floppydisk, videotapes and other sound.

The  technical standard:

* electricalreference EN60950 safety standard

* radiationaccording to EN50081-1 standard

*According to the standard ofEN50082-1 anti-jamming

* current throughthe national standard metaldetector

* fullypassed ISO9001:2008 quality management systemcertification

* fullypassed ISO14001:2004 environmental managementsystem certification

* throughthe OHSAS18001:1999 occupation healthand safety management system certification

* passed theEuropean CE certification

The thetechnical parameters:

Externalpower supply: 90V ~250V, 50/60Hz.

Powerconsumption: 15W.

Workingenvironment: -20 ℃ ~ 45 ℃.

Transport thewhole weight:about 95kg.

Operatingfrequency: according to the installation environment regulation.

Weight: about90kg.

Dimensions: (mm) 2220 (high) x 820 (wide) x610 (deep).

Channeldimensions: (mm) 2000 (high) x 700 (wide) x610 (deep).