GG-Ellipse Portable Walk-through Metal Detector

GG-Ellipse Portable Walk-through Metal Detector
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Walk through metal detector
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Gram Gold
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GG-Ellipse become the strong performer in the walk-through metal detector market.


GG-Ellipse Portable Walk-through Metal Detector

GG-Ellipse is the mode of portable walk-through metal detector which make by Gram Gold China, it’s practical, the goodness of portable, move, the high class of water proof setting and the big goodness of cost performance let the GG-Ellipse become the strong performer in the walk-through metal detector market.

Over-all structure form two parts

* the detect goalpost in two side and all the function of mainframe box are contral by microcomputer.

*High delicacy and many zones, From the first for six detection area high brightness light alarm, inspection items the size of the display function

*There have built-in LED display light in two side of detect door

*Or so detection door as one mould pressing and become, every part of the other all adopt the waterproof design, enables it to achieve the highest waterproof standard and leak electricity standard, and even the whole equipment bubble is in water, work as usual.

*Structure design clever, light weight, strong base, tear open outfit is simple, high movability

*Specific IC design, Stable performance, strong anti-jam, non-false alarm, non-fail to declare.

*Password protection function, prevent non-authorized officer change the parameters.

*Have one key recover system function, when you appear misoperation, you can one key to recover the set when the machine leave factory.

*Have the tone adjustment ability, can use in different situation

*The panle take note display the pass number, alarm times and display strong and weak of the interferce signal.

* Can independent to adjust the sensitivity of each zones, the adjustable range have 100 ranks, can remove belt fas, gold and sliver jewellery ect.

*More walk-through metal detector can work in the same time, between the detector without the contact cable, only need to have a little change of the point in each detector.

* In compliance with the present the international safety standards, harmless of the cardiac pacemaker wearer, pregnant women, floppy disk, video

Technical parameters :

the channel size 2240 * 930 * 350mm ( H x W x D )

Dimensions 2000 * 700 * 270mm ( H x W x D )

power 30W

power supply AC : 110V - 220V

working environment -20 ~ 55

Machine weighing 40kg

transport weight 45kg

meet the standard GB15210-2003

Airport, all kinds of meeting place, large activity, station, port, public place ofentertainment, prison, court, important department of government, factory, examination, market, gallery of community safty detect and forbidden object check field.